Two Mayans

Two Mayans

Slot machine test: two Mayans

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the people of Maya may be many, while also a mystical wind to it. Although science knows much, but long isn't all about the population groups of the Maya. To scientifically it should not go to but also in "Two Mayans ™", because here above all the fun in the foreground should be in addition to the good chances of winning. "Two Mayans ™" is a Naidoo slots you can play, inter alia in the Star Games Casino. If you want to do first of all no real bets, you can turn a few free test rounds.

"Two Mayans ™" convinces with a good design that will bring you into the mysterious world of the temple and symbols. But design is not everything, therefore are to name a few, especially the bonus feature that make the slot to a real eye catcher. A randomly appearing wild symbol makes for nice surprises and the free spins will be started with only two symbols. If you want on an adventure with ways to win, "Two Mayans ™" is certainly not the worst choice.

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Two Mayans ™ online play

So the Maya themselves may be mysterious, it is actually not the slot machine. At least you can learn quickly and without any problems it, although perhaps only some confusing icons. But of course the slot automatically displays you, if you win. There are profits, whenever you order same icons round did. Symbols not lacking in "Two Mayans ™" and these must, collected if they are identical, in rows of three, four or five boxes where a winning line always on the left reel must begin.

A series of same symbols may but not somehow lost, but must lie exactly on one of the lines. Because of there 25 pieces in "Two Mayans ™", the opportunities for formation of the series are very good and all laps rings the cash register. What exactly is your respective profits, depends not only the symbol itself, but also by the length of the payline and your use. There are also higher profits with higher usage. It is even better if multiple paylines win at the same time.

The symbols in the slot two Mayans

Almost it does not recognize the simple letters and numbers, because they perfectly adapted to the look of the entire game and act like a mysterious character. The 10 and the letters are quite common in a round, bring, but rather only meager gains. It is of course better with longer rows. The other symbols that represent typical Mayan motifs are sexy. It is really neat with the large disc which will be very beneficial to your account.

Of course the temple and the "two Mayans ™" icon are guarantors for good profits, but two symbols are especially important. A large head, which can appear only on reels 1 and 5. If he does that, however, there is a round free spins, where double profits to wait. Especially in "Two Mayans ™" is the wild symbol, because it is not rotating on the reels. It appears randomly at some point after a turn and supplemented series there, so this win count.

Slot machines instructions by two Mayans ™

If you want to do not just test laps, then can you make real money also inserts and possibly good profits. Before a game starts, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the usage and the number of lines. This changed the height of your potential profits, but also the opportunity. It is of course that the chance is higher, the more winning lines are set.

After a successful profit you can insert directly once again that in the gamble mode. Here, the risk of card is played, where you bet on red or black. Then your win lucky for you, is doubled. If not, then you lose completely the round win.